About Us


After a lot of hard work and dedication I have become the Office Manager of Club Reduce San Ramon. My job is extremely important to me and has been a very rewarding experience. Personally, I was not the healthiest girl and I always thought I would never be able to lose the weight or have the body I wanted. After eating clean, exercising, a few detoxes and a lot of determination I was able to lose 42 pounds! I have maintained the weight loss for 3 years now and am healthier and lighter than I was in high school. That was always a goal of mine and now that I’ve achieved it I want to inspire others. Helping you make the right choices to become healthy and fit all while being able to enjoy life is a new goal I’ve set for myself, and I am fixed on fulfilling it. Club reduce is a very motivating and inspirational place to find assistance in reaching your goals and losing the weight! We are here to help and encourage you through the entire process and care about your individual needs. Let us help you reach and maintain any and all goals you may have!


Growing up I was always active and very involved in sports, I never had to worry about being unhealthy or overweight. I played volleyball through college and once that ended, I watched my weight climb and climb some more. I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to consume the food that I had continuously eaten my entire life. I reached my max weight and realized I had gained 45lbs over the course of a year and half. 45 pounds!! What?! How did that happen... I was fed up with myself and very unhappy so I began a downward spiral of trying tons of different diets and supplements and started doing a few exercises here and there and nothing seemed to stick. I was waiting for the weight to just fall off, but it wasn’t happening. It took me another whole year to finally make the decision to just eat clean. I had to make the choice to eat the salad, to cut out the red meat, to reduce my alcohol and caffeine intake and it changed my life. It all seems so simple now, but to be healthy and fit, you have to eat healthy and become fit. You can’t wait around for the weight to fall off, because it just won’t. Goals and dedication make the weight fall off, and here at Club Reduce we provide the tools to help you. We have nutritional guidelines, supplements that work and the technology to help you lose the inches in vulnerable parts of your body. We are here to push you towards your goal and encourage you to become the healthiest you possible. We care about your progression in our clinic and do whatever it takes to inspire you through the process. “Nobody said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it.” If you’re ready to start this journey, we are here for you 100% and are determined to help you reach your goals!